preamble clause 中文 英文契約上一些奇怪副詞

英文契約所用的文字,其實有點像文言文,既繞口又難懂,有時一個句子長達近乎一整頁,加以三不五時出現的奇怪副詞,使得初接觸英文契約的人,隨時想去撞牆。 本文將介紹一些常見的副詞,這些東西雖與契約法扯不上太大關係,但是,不懂這些,您可能只能在契約前面徘徊,不得其門 …
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稅務扣除 自2019年4月1日起,《稅務條例》(第112 章)在薪俸稅及個人入息課稅方面,新設一項特惠稅務扣除。納稅人為其本人或指明親屬購買自願醫保計劃(「自願醫保」)下的認可產品,可申請稅務扣除。
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《國歌條例草案》 National Anthem Bill 目錄 Contents

 · PDF 檔案Clause 7 《國歌條例草案》 National Anthem Bill C20 C21 7.7 Offence of insulting behaviour (1) A person commits an offence if, with intent to insult …
Popular Sovereignty
 · PDF 檔案2. Clause 1 provides for the short title to the Bill when enacted. 3. Clause 2 provides for the definitions adopted in the Bill. 2007 年第51 期憲報第6 號副刊 S. NO. 6 TO GAZETTE NO. 51/2007 PN3957
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tax guide for charities
 · PDF 檔案INTRODUCTION The Department’s role 1. Exemption of charitable institutions and trusts of a public character (i.e. charities) from tax is granted by the legislature. Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap 112) (the IRO) provides that a charity is
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Vesting Clauses
Legislative Vesting Clause Text Article I, Section 1: All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives. Executive Vesting Clause Text Article II, Section 1, Clause 1:
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1 September 2003
 · PDF 檔案Clause 92 shall be deleted and replaced by the Special Condition of Contract SCC(3) at Appendix A. b) For building contracts, the preamble to the Schedule of Proportions shall repeat the requirement for tenderers to complete column (3) of the form, and the
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What is the legal definition of CLAUSE?
clause, n. 1. A distinct section or provision of a legal document or instrument. 2. ITEM(3). — clausal, adj. enacting clause. The part of a statute stating the legislative authority by which it is made and often the date when it will take effect. ? A typical enacting clause
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Article One of the United States Constitution
Most notably, Clauses 1 (the General Welfare or Taxing and Spending clause), 3 (the Commerce clause), and 18 (The Necessary and Proper clause) have been deemed to grant expansive powers to Congress. These three clauses have been interpreted so broadly that the federal government of the United States exercises many powers that are not expressly delegated to it …
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Drafted Amendments to HKSMM4 (1st Version for Public …

 · PDF 檔案Items shall be given in respect of the following unless they are already covered in the Schedule of Clause Headings given in accordance with item III (b) 5.1 hereof. CLASSIFICATION TABLE MEASUREMENT RULES DEFINITION RULES COVERAGE RULES 1
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Rada secures Ukraine's course for EU, NATO in Constitution