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How To Redeem IHG Card Free Night Certificate
I don’t go out of my way to stay at IHG properties to redeem these, but rather I just stay at them when the IHG property is the best option, which is often the case, given their footprint. IHG Free Night Summary There are a lot of great perks to the IHG Card, though if nothing else the card is worth picking up for the annual free night certificate, which just about anyone should get more
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How to Earn and Use IHG Free Night Certificates
IHG Free Night Limitations With both cards, the Award Night Certificate can be used for an IHG free night at properties costing 40,000 points or less. Before IHG’s transition to dynamic award pricing in May 2020, that meant there was a list of properties where you couldn’t use an Anniversary Night..
Turn Your IHG Free Annual Night into... Two IHG Free Annual Nights! | The Lazy Traveler's Handbook
Best Uses of IHG Free Night Certificates
The IHG anniversary night may limit you to category 7 and lower properties capped at 40,000 points per night, but the IHG free night certificate restrictions mostly end there. You don’t need to book during a weekend like you do with a Hilton Honors fee night certificate and you have your choice of nearly 4,900 hotels and resorts around the world.
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IHG Rewards Club Free Night Certificate After Two Stays …

17/10/2020 · IHG Rewards Club has had two offers for free night certificates this fall for those who sign up for the program or pay for an Ambassador. Now, IHG has also launched a targeted offer for a free night certificate after two stays by December 31, 2020. You can access
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IHG Rewards Club Delays Free Night Certificate & Bonus …

29/11/2020 · IHG Rewards Club has traditionally posted bonus points and free night certificates earned from promotional offers with stays. Many readers and I have noticed from earlier this month that these bonus points have stopped posting altogether. What is the reason behind
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還有幾個Category高的在國外,比如東京,夏威夷,巴黎等,也是用FREE NIGHT很值得用法。這個信用卡第一年免年費,第二年開始年費大概100刀左右,每年也送一晚酒店(category 1-4),絕對值!所以拿到這個卡后一定要保留,每年用一次這個福利。
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IHG Stalling on Free Night Extension, Free National Park …

11/12/2020 · IHG Stalling on Free Night Extension: Ryan from Miles to Memories writes about IHG’s failure to extend its free night certs despite difficulties traveling during the pandemic. According to TPG, IHG plans to possibly announce an extension later this month. But, it
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29/3/2018 · 萬豪酒店集團積分如何兌換免費住宿,最近萬豪酒店集團的中國官網很多功能關掉了,那么怎么去到其美國網站兌換國內酒店積分呢?下面來看看具體步驟吧。
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但持有此卡時,用點數訂IHG酒店會返 10% 的點數,即其點數的實際價值為 0.78 cents/point。兌換各等級的酒店所需點數:IHG 獎勵兌換表。因此其 100k+5k 的最高開卡獎勵價值約為$819! 3. 第二年開始,每年交完年費后送一晚 Free Night!
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